Having a Family Poker Night

Poker is one of my favorite games to play and I know many people will disagree with me on this, but I think having a family poker night can be a great thing.

1. It allows me to teach a great game that I love.

I am a huge poker night buff and I love to share my hobbies with anyone and everyone, basically everyone who will listen. If you are like me and Love to play this game then you might try to have a family poker night.

2. You can Use it as a way to pay your kid’s allowance.

I was watching the world series of poker 1 day and one of the people on there said that when they were a kid they used to play poker with their parents. Whatever he won he got to keep and that was basically how he got his allowance. I think that is a great idea.

Most people give their kids chores and pay them based on what they do, or pay them a set amount every week. That is basically training them to go get a minimum wage job. Having a poker allowance shows kids that there are other ways to make an income by being creative.

3. Poker breeds entrepreneurs.

This is my philosophy; playing poker is similar to starting a business. The more you learn the more you make. It also can show you that income my not always be stable if you have your own business. You might win it big 1 month and break even or lose money the next.

4. It gets kids out of the mind frame of get it and spend it.

If your kid is getting a standard $20 a week or something they will probably spend all their money the second they get it and wait for the next week to get more. That teaches them to go out spend all of your money, get in debt and wait for your paycheck to bail you out.

If you are getting your allowance based on how often you win the family poker game. They may not win for a while so they don’t have the luxury of spending all their money and waiting until the next allowance pay day.

5. It makes it more exciting.

Game night is always better when you are playing for something. Playing for money makes it more exciting.

6. You never Know what will happen.

If you play poker with your kids and they do like the game you never know what will happen. 10 years down the road that could be them winning that $8+ Million dollar world series of poker prize.